Inertial Element
Inertial Element
Inertial Element
Weapon statistics
Full Name Inertial Element
Flashlight Color Orange
Clip Size 10

The Inertial Element is an electromagnetic projectile accelerator with an integrated rocket-propelled grenade launcher, laser sight, and flashlight. This advanced prototype was designed for accurate open-field combat, and it has an effective range up to 700 metres. It also acts like a shotgun. The Inertial Element uses superposed ammunition loads, meaning that its method of operation is likely similar to the Metal Storm technology. 

The Inertial Element is the fifth weapon you obtain in Shadow Complex, however it is possible to progress in the story line withought obtaining it. After completing the exploding room-mission it will no longer be possible to reach it. If you plan on obtaining it, it is recommended to simply wait and die once you get to the exploding room, and after continue game and get it.